1 Intro/Oobu Joobu (Jingle)
2 Shake,Rattle&Roll (Long Rehearsal)
3 Rock It (Herbie Hancock Track)
4 Oobu Joobu Intro (Jingle)
5 Honey Don't (Soundcheck Detroit)
6 If I Were Not Upon The Stage (Partial)
7 Intermezzo (Sound Effects)
8 Like A Hurricane (Neil Young From Unplugged)
9 Motor Of Love/Oobu Joobu Outro JIngle (Rude Studios)
10 Feel No Pain (Unknown Artist,Jamaica)
11 Your School (Unreleased Track,Partial)
12 Get Back (Tour Rehearsal)
13 Rodina:Song Of The Father Land (Woman's Choir,Bulgaria)
14 Oobu Joobu (Outtake)
15 Oobu Joobu Intro/Cook Of THe House (Linda's Recipe)
16 Tomorrow's Light (Soundcheck Detroit)
17 Three Pieces For Blues Band & Orchestra (William Rousseau)
18 Oobu Joobu Outro (Jingle)
19 Vocal Jam (Close Harmony)
20 Walking In The Meadow (From Animation Film Rupert The Bear)
21 Sea Melody (From Animation Film Rupert The Bear)
22 Rupert Song #2 (From Animation Film Rupert The Bear)

Oobu Joobu PART11

9のMotor Of Loveは、アルバム「フラワー・イン・ザ・ダート」の名曲。シンセサイザーの静かな鼓動のような音をバックにポールが淡々と歌っている。途中から正規バージョンに移行する。
11の Your Schoolは未発表曲。
21のSea Melodyは、交響詩「スタンディング・ストーン」の第4楽章「ストリングスがかき鳴らされ、ホルンが吹かれ、ドラムスが叩かれる・・・」のクライマックスを飾る主題。感動的でとても美しいメロディである。合唱付き。
90年代にポールが作曲した中でも屈指の美しいメロディ・ラインである。クラシックはどうも、と言う人にもぜひ聴いてもらいたい。このOobu Joobuではピアノ演奏のみである。

音質:★★★★   お薦め度:★★★

1 Oobu Joobu Introduction/Yesterday (Jingle/Mock Version)
2 Matchbox (Rehearsal)
3 Blue Suede Shoes (Rehearsal)
4 Yesterday (Rehearsal/Mock Version)
5 Oobu Joobu Jingle (Jingle)
6 Christmas Parade (Unknown Reggae Artist,Jamaica)
7 Yesterday (Boyz ll Men,Patial,With Commentaries)
8 Ballroom Dancing (Filmtake)
9 Ready Teddy/About Testerday (Little Richard)
10 Rockestra Theme (With Commentary)
11 Yesterday (Taped By Duane Eddie)
12 Cook Of The House (Linda's Recipe)
13 Garlic (Speech)
14 Little Daisy Root (Unreleased Song)
15 3 Comments On Beatles And Yesterday (Speech)
16 Yesterday (Parody)
17 3 Comments On Beatles And Yesterday/Human League (Speech/Human League)
18 True Love Baby (Carl And Paul)
19 Get It (Carl And Paul)
20 Paul And George Martin About Yesterday (Speech)
21 Yesterday (Paul Live)
22 Oobu Joobu Outro (Jingle)
23 Yesterday (Parody)
24 Lunchbox Odd Sox (From An Acetate)
25 Tomorrow (From An Acetate)

Oobu Joobu PART12

8のBallroom Dancingは、アルバム「タッグ・オブ・ウォー」の1曲。
14のLittle Daisy Rootは未発表曲。

音質:★★★★   お薦め度:★★★

1 Oobu Joobu Intro
2 Mean Woman Blues (Soundcheck Winnipeg)
3 When The Wind She Blows Cool (Jam In Winnipeg)
4 Comedy:Biff Stantial (Bonzo Dog (Doo-Dah) Band)
5 Outro (Intermezzo)
6 Oobu Joobu Jingle/Introduction Coming Up )Chat)
7 Coming Up (Outtake)
8 I Want Love (Reggae From Jamaica)
9 Another Day (Tour Rehearsal)
10 Praying Mantis/Mambo Baby (2 Pieces From Rude Corner)
11 Oobu Joobu Jingle
12 Ann & Nancy Wilson About Wasting Water (Chat)
13 What About Love? (Heart Single)
14 Cook Of The House/Linda's Recipe (Recipe)
15 Sheep May Safely Graze/Paul About Meat (Go Veggie)
16 Instrumental Incl. Oobu Joobu Jingles (Different)
17 Oobu Joobu Jingle
18 Beautiful Boy (John Lennon)
19 Oobu Joobu Jingle
20 Midnight Special (Tour Rehearsal)
21 Oobu Joobu Outro
22 Rooster (=The Great Cock And Seagull Race) (From An Acetate)
23 Night Out (From An Acetate)

Oobu Joobu PART13

9のAnother Day、1993年の日本公演では歌われなかったが、ぜひ生で聴きたかった曲。
18のBeautiful Boy、D.J.のポールがジョンの曲を紹介している。

音質:★★★★   お薦め度:★★★

1 Oobu Joobu Intro
2 Sweetest Little Show In Town (Rude Studios)
3 There's No Me Without You (The Manhattans)
4 Gonna Set This Town On Fire Tonight (Outtake)
5 Suzy Q (Jamaica Reggae)
6 Mr.Froggie Went A-Courtin (Rehearsal)
7 Sunny Goodge Street (Donovan)
8 Soundheck Song (Improvisation)
9 Every Night (Soundcheck Cincinnati)
10 Oobu Joobu Jingle
11 Cook Of The House/Linda's Recipe (Recipe)
12 Endless Days And Lonely Nights (Linda McCartney)
13 Be A Vegetarian (Demo)
14 Ivory Madonna (Ub 40)
15 Outro
16 Thinga We Said Today (Rehearsal)
17 Devoted To You (Everly Brothers)
18 Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying (Rehearsal Cincinnati)
19 Oobu Joobu Outro
20 The Entertainer (Filmmusic)
21 Let Me Roll It (Scotland Ranachan Jams)
22 With A Little Luck (Scotland Ranachan Jams)

Oobu Joobu PART14

2のSweetest Little Show In Townアルバム「パイプス・オブ・ピース」からの1曲。
13のBe A Vegetarianは、インストゥルメンタル。ポールのインスト曲はいい曲が多い。最新の「ドライヴィング・レイン」のHeatherは、インストゥルメンタルと思わせ、最後に歌が出てくる。心にくい構成である。

音質:★★★★   お薦め度:★★★

1 Intro (Oobu Joobu Jingle)
2 Lady Madonna (Soundcheck)
3 Bring It On Home To Me (Rehearsal)
4 Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay/Oobu Joobu Jingle (Otis Redding)
5 Intro (Jingle)
6 Tequilla (Rehearsal)
7 Goldfinger (Reggae)
8 Intro To Song/Wanderlust (Demo)
9 Chinese Canon (World Music)
10 Intro Jingle/Cook Of The House/Linda's Recipe (Recipe)
11 Pull Away (Soundcheck)
12 Gymnopedes (Piano Music By Pascale Rogier)
13 This One/Put It There (2 Parodies)
14 Oobu Joobu Jingle (With Phil Collins)
15 Reason To Believe (Tim Hardin)
16 I Keep On Believing/Love Awake (Rude Studios)
17 Hey Jude (Rehearsal-Parody)
18 Hey Jude (Rehearsal)
19 Oobu Joobu Outro (Jingle)
20 Love Me Tender (Parody)
21 I've Had Enough (Scotland Ranachan Jams)
22 Band On The Run (Scotland Ranachan Jams)

Oobu Joobu PART15

16の I Keep On Believing/Love Awakeは、I Keep On Believingが未発表曲、これもいい曲。後半のLove Awakeは、アルバム「バック・トゥ・ジ・エッグ」では、Winter Rose/Love Awakeのメドレーになっている。

音質:★★★★   お薦め度:★★★

1 Intro (Jingle)
2 Ain't That A Shame (Outtake)
3 I'm In Love Again (Fats Domino)
4 Back In The USSR (Tour Rehearsal)
5 We'll Be Right Back (Vocals)
6 New Moon Over Jamaica (Mix Paul's Demo+Johnny Cash)
7 Introduction To Baki Tribe (Chants)
8 Bring It To Jerome (Soundcheck Minneapolis)
9 Good Rockin' Tonight/Introducing Little Richard (Acoustic Jam)
10 Lucille/Lucille (Both Versions Mixed)
11 Little Richard's Veg Story/Tutti Frutti (Little Richard)
12 Radio Play/Oobu Joobu Jingle (Fun Intermezzo)
13 Cook Of The House/Linda's Recipe (Recipe)
14 New Orleans/Oobu Joobu Outro Jingle (Unreleased Linda Song)
15 I Love his House (Unfinished Track With David Gilmour)
16 Knock On Wood (Eddy Floyd Single)
17 Blue Moon Of Kentucky Mix/Oobu Joobu Jingle (Mix:Monroe-Paul-Elvis)
18 We're Gonna Move (also known as:There's A Leak) (Rehearsal)/Oobu Joobu Jingle
19 Ode To A Koalo Bear (Alternate Take Australian Say Say Say)
1 Oobu Joobu Intro/Yeaterday (Jingle/Parody)
2 Love Mix (Partial,Unfinished Song)
3 Stop You Don't Know Where She Came From (Demo From Rude Corner)
4 Tiptina (Professor Longhair)
5 Oobu Joobu/I Wanna Be Your Man (Paul Talks About First Stones Single)
6 I Wanna Be Your Man (Soundcheck N.Y.)
7 Oobu Joobu/Paul About His Dad (Chat)
8 Fliht Of The Bumble Bee (Marsalis)
9 We Cn work It Out (Soundcheck/Rehearsal)
10 Hey Jude (Mock Version) (Rehearsal)
11 Paul About Brian Wilson/God Only Knows (Partial)
12 God Only Knows (Elvis Costello & Brodsky Quartet)
13 One After 909 (Paul And Elvis Costello & Brodsky Quartet)
14 Lady Madonna (Paul And Elvis Costello & Brodsky Quartet)
15 Paul About Pet Sounds/You Still Believe In Me (Chat Paul/Beach Boys)
16 Brian Wilson Interview (Chat)
17 Orange Crate Art (Brian Wilson)
18 Brian Wilson At Piano:Hey Jude/She's Leaving Home (Chatting And Singing)
19 San Francisco (Brian Wilson)
20 Oobu Joobu's Thank You's (Summing Up Team)
21 C'mon People (Soundcheck)
22 Oobu Joobu Outro (Last Jingle)
23 Pre-Concert Warm-Up Tape World Tour '88-'93 (Daniel Lentz)

Oobu Joobu PART16&17

音質:★★★★   お薦め度:★★

1 Venus And Mars/Rockshow
2 Jet
3 Let Me Roll It
4 Maybe I'm Amazed
5 Live And Let Die
6 Bluebird
7 I've Just Seen A Face
8 Brackbird
9 Yesterday
10 You Gave Me The Answer
11 Magneto And Titanium Man
12 Go Now
13 Call Me Back Again
14 My Love
15 Listen To What The Man Said
16 Letting Go
17 Medicine Jar
18 Band On The Run



音質:★★   お薦め度:★

1 Sgt.Peppers Lonely Heartsclub Band (Up Close,1992)
2 1882 (The Hague,Holland,1972)
3 Old Siam Sir (Glasgow,Scotland,1979)
4 Only Love Remains (BBC Radio,1986)
5 Interview (Japanese TV,1989)
6 This One (Japanese TV,1989)
7 My Brave Face (Japanese TV,1989)
8 Matchbox (Steve Wright Show,BBC,1989)
9 Blackbird (Steve Wright Show,BBC,1989)
10 Hey Jude (Saturday Night Live,1993)
11 Get Out Of My Way (Saturday Night Live,1993)
12 Biker Like An Icon (Saturday Night Live,1993)
13 Hi,Hi,Hi (Melbourne,Australia,1975)
14 Soily (Melbourne,Australia,1975)


Old Siam Sir、ポールの曲にしては好きな方ではないが、このライブは気に入っている。

音質:★★★   お薦め度:★★★

1 Move Over Busker
2 Good Times Coming/Feel The Sun
3 It's Not True
4 Press
5 However Absurd
6 Stranglehold
7 Footprints
8 Yvonne
9 Write Away
10 Tough On A Tightrope
11 Pretty Little Head
12 Spies Like Us #1
13 Spies Like Us #2
14 Only Love Remains (Live)
15 Talk More Talk #1
16 Talk More Talk #2



音質:★★★   お薦め度:★★★

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